ODS-1775 Questions:

What's the deal with the stock?  Can I pick another?

The ODS-1775 comes with a standard rear trunnion, which fits most stocks and stock adapters.  The Magpul MOE stock included with the ODS-1775 is a good all-around stock at a fair price.  It has cheek riser additions for a few dollars if you don't like your cheek weld.  If you want something adjustable, you have several options.  The Rifle Dynamics buffer tube adapter is quite nice, allowing you to use an AR style buffer tube and collapsable stock.  There are several others like that.  You can also go with the Magpul Zhukov, which extends and folds, although it sadly folds the wrong way (over the fire control group).  We will install any reasonable stock instead of the MOE if you send it to us.  We will install more exotic stocks at our shop rate of $80/hour.  

Can you install my (Muzzle device, Stock, Grip, Safety) on my ODS-1775 at time of manufacture?

Absolutely.  If it doesn't take us much extra time you can just send us the one you want and we'll install it.   If it's really exotic we will charge you our shop rate of $80/ hour to install it.  We do however reserve the right to say no when we think the part is poorly made or unsafe.

I see this is suppressor tuned.  Are there any cycle issues or adjustments that need to be made for running this without a suppressor?

We strike a middle ground where it will work will with almost all suppressors and also work in most climates unsupressed.  If you live in Alaska you might notice problems in the winter.  We'll happily open the gas at no charge if you notice cycling issues in the winter, though we do a pretty good job testing that in Idaho.

I see there is a Jmac brake option, does that also fit supressors with the Keymount system?

YES!  Both the JMAC brake and the flash hider are KYMO compatible.  That means you can run Dead Air, SilencerCo, and any other company that will adapt to the KYMO system.  We're giant fans, and want you guys to be able to run as wide a variety as possible!

I saw in the media that you are releasing and improved MERC that controls heat even more, is that going to be on these ODS-1775s, or is there a date I should wait for?

Short answer is order now.  The handguard that we've been displaying is the prototype.  The version that everyone has been ordering is the same.  The difference is that the production version is a two piece billet clamp with a cylindrical extrusion clamping to it.  The thermal performance of this setup will be even better due to the lower thermal conductivity between the interfaces.

Is the ODS-1775 built on a MILLED or STAMPED receiver?

 The ODS-1775 is constructed on an American made receiver using Polish steel blanks.  This is a stamped receiver (sheet metal) that is riveted to the front and rear trunnions.  While milled receivers have some advantages, they weigh considerably more, which we feel is not a good fit for the American rifleman.

Other Questions 

Which RST fits my gun?

As you likely know, there is a bewildering variety of AK pattern rifles on the market. We’re working hard to develop RSTs to fit most of the guns out there. We’re working with gunsmiths and users to establish a compatibility table. We’ll be updating this page often as the data come back. Please let us know if you try the part on an unlisted gun– we and other users will thank you!

Will you make an RST for my AK from XXX country?
We’re going to try to make as many varieties as practical. We’re a small company, and making a few RSTs for PKMs is probably not going to be possible. However, please send us a request if you don’t see your gun listed. If we get enough requests for the Durgistan AK-357 bulged trunnion, we’ll probably make it!

How do I get help installing my part?

First, if you’re in over your head, it’s probably time to call a gunsmith. Check out our tab of gunsmiths offering installation help.

If you’re still feeling game, and you’re looking for help on how to install the part, please check out forums like the akfiles or YouTube (r). Unfortunately, we aren’t staffed to walk people through installation issues.

How do I get help specific to the part (not installation)? If you’re having a problem with our part, and not installation, please email support@occamdefense.com. We’ll issue you a help ticket and get back to you ASAP with a solution.

How do I make a return?

To make a return, please email returns@occamdefense.com describing your issue and how you’d like us to resolve the problem. We’ll get back to you with an RMA form and RMA number. Please do not ship us returns without an RMA number. Returns received without an RMA number will be rejected. We are not doing this to be jerks– quite the opposite– We try not to screw up, but when we do, we are commmited to learning from it so it won’t happen again– thanks for your help in making us better at making kickass products!

Can I install this part myself?

If you haven’t built an AK before, it’s probably not a good idea, unless you’re extremely mechanically inclined and don’t mind the risk of damaging your rifle. That said, there are a bunch of videos on YouTube on how to do it, and if you have the right tools and know how to do the job it’ll only take an hour or so. Robert Forbus sells all of the specialized tools needed, at a great price. His website is www.RobertForbus.com

What are the risks to my gun if I have a gunsmith do the job? Well, some AKs are put together really badly, and can’t be easily disassembled. If there’s a ton of rust around your barrel components, it’s probably not a good idea to have it done. Most AKS were put together with oil or grease in those fittings, and slide apart quite easily.

If you care that the finish remains perfect, it’s also not a great idea to have this done. However, most gunsmiths offer painting for very little money– it’s a great opportunity to have your plain-jane AK tricked out, now that it’s super charged with the best optics platform on the market!

All in all, it’s a benign procedure with little risk to the gun.

Do you have a patent on the RST?

Yes! We have an approved patent, and two more in the works. Please see ip.occamdefense.us for details.

Is this made in the US?

The RST body is made in the U.S., and the final assembly and coating is done in Idaho! The levers are imported from Europe. If you represent a US company who would like to supply them, please contact us! We strongly believe in US manufacturing.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, most of our products are ITAR controlled, and can’t be exported, even to APO / FPO.

What payment methods do you take?

We accept most credit cards. We do accept checks for orders of 50 pieces or more.

Why didn’t I think of this?

Right? We’re not sure why someone didn’t make this 20 years ago. It is, to be frank, stupid simple. And that’s the point. In our minds, this should be standard equipment on all AKs. Nobody really makes ARs with carry handles anymore– why should they have sight leafs?

Are you hiring?

We’re always interested in hearing from people who are passionate about our work. If you think you’ve got something to add, please send your resume to jobs@occamdefense.com with the subject line “RESUME”.

Who are you guys?

Our Beliefs
First and foremost, we’re American Patriots.
We believe that the government that governs best governs least– that means WE THE PEOPLE step up and help each other instead of waiting for the government to do it.
We believe that the American Militia is made up of everyone capable of picking up a gun and defending their communities and homeland.
We know that more quality guns in the hands of good guys results in fewer bad guys, and that’s a great thing.
We believe in self empowerment, and can’t stand snowflakes.
If you’re here, you’re not a snowflake. We’re thrilled to be working with you, and spreading self sufficiency and a love of AKs throughout our great country.

Our Background
Our previous business endeavors have been in aerospace, medical and scientific radiation instruments and detectors, and electric vehicle propulsion systems.  We’ve always been gun guys, and when we came up with this part we decided to change gears and share our love of self sufficiency and guns with you, the American Rifleman.