Now you can attach an optic to the most solid place on the AK rifle.  If the optic fails, simply remove the optic and use the rear notch as normal.

This RST is machined from a solid heat treated billet of 4140 steel to Soviet specs.

Compatibility: This billet RST is known to be compatible with stamped receiver AKM-47s and AK-74s from Russia, East Germany, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Egypt.  Not Compatible with Milled Receivers or guns from Yugoslavia and Serbia.  Not compatible with Polish Tantal.  Bore change required for some 5.56 AKs from Bulgaria. 

Installation: ODS Strongly recommends installation of the RST by a qualified gunsmith.  

Shipping Notice: When this part is listed as "OUT OF STOCK", you may still order, but please understand that lead times for this part are as long as 8 weeks when shown out of stock.  Due to the nature of our credit card processing we will charge you at the time of order, not the time of shipping. 

Notice: This part is ITAR export controlled.  Not for use outside of the U.S.

This part is patented.

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