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Lifetime warranty for defects in manufacturing. OCCAM DEFENSE urges you to consult local, state, and federal firearms laws before attaching this on a firearm. Not for installation on pistols.
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The OCCAM DEFENSE  HEX 2.0 Folder is our latest effort at making a really comfortable, strong, light folding stock for our ODS-1775 rifles or your SIG MCX, or SBR'd PC Charger, Scorpion, MPX, etc.  We start with a 4X1X9" chunk of 6061 and machine it until it's as light as can be while still passing the break-a-coconut test.  We also spend a bunch of time rounding off the sharp corners to a nice rounded finish that won't brutalize your cheek.  We then tumble and coat with a MIL-SPEC Type 3 blasted hardcoat anodized finish.  The HEX has 6 anti-rotation QD sockets (3 left, 3 right).  The forward sling mount point is positioned far enough back that you won't grab sling when you're going for the grip, as is common when switching grip.  In order to ensure maximum strength in the hinge connection, we've gone through the extra work of installing Helicoil steel inserts up front.  Helicoils give far better strength than anodized threads alone.  

  • Weight: 15 Oz. (with steel hinge assembly)
  • Length of pull: 12 in. from front of grip to stock (WARSAW LOP)
  • Finish: MIL-SPEC TYPE 3 BLACK (matte blasted finish)
  • 3 Anti-rotate QD Sling mounts
  • Helicoil hinge mount point
  • SIG SAUER forged hinge included (in full version-- bare version missing hinge)
  • Made in Idaho, USA
  • ITAR Restricted- No export permitted


There is no standard in existence for sling QD Mounts.  We use the dimensions of the highest quality QDs we can find to machine our sockets.  If you're having trouble getting a QD to stick in the socket we suggest buying a replacement QD from a reputable manufacturer.