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UPDATE!  We're now making barrel clamps for 18.5mm RSB journaled barrels!  This covers most milled receivers (except Sharps Bros in most cases), plus some Arsenal stamped guns like at least some of the SLR-107, and all US made Century AKs.  To know for sure, watch THIS VIDEO.

The MERC is a revolutionary patented improvement to handguards for the AK platform. The MERC offers rock solid optics mounting and hand protection. Gloves are usually not required when deploying the MERC. The MERC is easily installed in less than 30 minutes with commonly available tools. Maximum Effectiveness - Reduced Complexity: The MERC is the New Standard for AK Handguards. This system works on stamped receiver AK-47/74s from Russia, Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Romania, Egypt, and China. It DOES NOT work on Yugos (ZASTAVA), milled receivers, and US made Century rifles.  See this YouTube video to see if your rifle is a good candidate!

Specifications for rifle length: 6061 Aluminum Black Mil-Spec Anodized Length: 11.75" from front of receiver Overhang over dust cover: 3.5" Height: 2-5/8" Width: 1-9/16" Weight: 16 oz. (effectively much lighter through removal of steel RSB and FST) Weight of demo gun: 7 lbs, 2 oz.

Specifications for pistol length: 6061 Aluminum Black Mil-Spec Anodized Length: 8" from front of receiver Overhang over dust cover: 3.5" Height: 2-5/8" Width: 1-9/16" Length from front of the Front Trunnion: 8"

Installation: Installation is simple on most rifles, but we can also refer you to skilled installers who can perform the job quickly and inexpensively.  Please see the videos HERE for more information. 


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    You will not be sorry

    Posted by Jeff on May 4th 2021

    I have been watching Occam since a before they started producing the Merc. I was not able to get the funds together until I handled one of my buddies, then I knew I had to have one. Just as a source for comparison, I ditched an SLR lower handguard, Ultimak gas tube and a 90 degree gas/front sight combo block for this setup. This front end is lighter than that combination and handles better. You can also tell the time and effort that went into the design, finishing and packaging of the product. All are superior to what I have experienced before. Keep up the wonderful work!!!

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    Merc Pistol Handguard for Lynx

    Posted by Edwin Figueroa on Apr 16th 2021

    This handguard is amazing. It's thin, light weight, and rock solid. My AK stayed much cooler with this than with standard style handguards. M-lok everywhere is awesome. This is probably the best upgrade you can make to your AK. The work is a little intense but it' definitely worth it. If you plan on running a red dot, then the merc is the way to go. I only wish they made one a little shorter for rifles as the full length one looks a little long. But the pistol version is perfect.

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    AK handguard of the future.

    Posted by Mike Santor on Jul 28th 2020

    I do believe this is the best hanguard money can buy for the AK platform. I have used, hanguards from 3 other of the biggest names in modern AKs and none of them do everything this does. Takes weight OFF the front of your AK, 100% freefloat, allows for massive sight radius with Irons, great heat mitigation through several different avenues, Etc. No other handguard does everything this one does. On top of all that, ODS has some of the greatest CS I have ever ran into. After getting my MERC Of course I wanted to use it on something it was not intended for and after contacting ODS they agreed to machine a custom part (gas tube) just for me. Amazing product and amazing CS from an all American Company. Thanks Brian and Crew!!!!

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    Posted by TheHutDweller on Jul 13th 2020

    OCCAM Defense is going to revolutionize the way Americans view the AK starting with the MERC. First, you will not believe the quality of the machining when you hold it, and when you hold it you can barely tell you have something in your hand because it’s so light. The design is so simple but extremely versatile. The MERC eliminates the old school bulk of the AK. It’s welcoming to people used to the AR platform. The price might seem high- but remember you are getting a beautifully designed gas system as well. After receiving my MERC, I changed my parts list and I’m doing a 100% OCCAM build. Where Jim Fuller brought the AK to Americans, Brian Keeney brings the AK to the future. Okay OCCAM - that’s my 2 cents! Now send me one of those sweet posters ;-)

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    Very nice

    Posted by Melvin Nay on May 10th 2020

    In my opinion this is the best AK upgrade for the money on the market.Rock solid .

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    best way to modernize AK

    Posted by Bryan on Apr 8th 2020

    Installation isn't plug and play but if you're building from a kit, are able to depopulate a barrel yourself, or don't mind sending out to one of ODS's suggested 'smiths this handguard is a fantastic way to lighten up the front end and and add a ton of modern features as well as keep the handling surfaces cool. I love mine and would buy it again in a heartbeat.