This is the Pre-Order page for the MERC. We will be shipping in Q2 2019. The next production run will be more than 6 months after that. This is your chance to get in on the good stuff!  The MERC is a revolutionary improvement to handguards for the AK platform (PATENT PENDING). The MERC offers rock solid optics mounting and hand protection, lowering the handguard temperature by over 100°F after five magazines. Gloves are no longer required equipment for extended fire rates when deploying the MERC. The MERC is easily installed in less than 30 minutes with commonly available tools. Maximum Effectiveness - Reduced Complexity: The MERC is the New Standard for AK Handguards. This system works on stamped receiver AK-47/74s from Russia, Poland, East Germany, Hungary, Romania, Egypt, and China. It DOES NOT work on Yugos, milled receivers, and US made Century rifles.

Specifications: 16 oz 6061 Aluminum Black Mil-Spec Anodized Length: 11.75" from front of receiver Overhang over dust cover: 2.5" Height: 2-5/8" Width: 1-9/16" Weight: 16 oz. (effectively much lighter through removal of steel RSB and FST) Weight of demo gun: 7 lbs, 2 oz.

Installation: Installation is simple on most rifles, but we also have skilled installers who can perform the job quickly and inexpensively. The rear sight tower and front sight block need to be removed, either by dremel or press. After that it simply bolts on and you're in the game! Some users with out of spec barrel journal lengths may require minor fitting.

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