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We're giant fans of SIMPLE, and when we saw the Black Hills Designs RANGE-R CARD we had to get after it.  This is an OCCAM DEFENSE badged version of the original, made for us by Black Hills Designs from 100% US sourced materials.  RANGE-R cards are a simple, compact way to range the distance of objects like humans, shipping containers, man doors, ranch gates, tractor trailers and SUVs/Pickups without emitting a signal.  They stow handily into an admin pouch when not in use. 

To use the RANGE-R CARD, you unroll the paracord, bite the end knot in your teeth, and find the target in the appropriate viewing window.  A scale reveals the distance.  In our testing in Paul Markel's PATRIOT FIRE TEAM class, students were able to range targets with about 10%-15% accuracy after 20 minutes of practice. 

We've included a detailed set of instructions and tips to help you get the most from your card, not available from other sellers.

These cards need a bit of arts-and-crafts for full use.  You'll need to:

1. Peel the paper backer

2. Wipe down with alcohol to remove haze

3. Dull outer edges with a nail file or sandpaper

4. Attach paracord

5. Zero (instructions included)

These cards are light, compact, and extremely useful.  They will break if not protected from extreme bending or impact.  Breakage in the field is not covered by warranty.  There are also occasional burrs in the slots that we would not normally let go out the door.  As we are not the manufacturer there's not much we can do about this.  Please be advised you may need to do a little filing in the slots to acheive perfection.