7.5" and 9" struts available now. 8 inch struts in product shipping in 3 weeks (aprox 6/1/2021). We are also waiting on a small hinge piece from SIG again. We will ship the second they are here. Please email us with questions.
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Lifetime warranty for defects in manufacturing. OCCAM DEFENSE makes no warranty about the present or future legality of pistol braces, and expressly rejects any and all liability arising out of using this product.
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7.5" AND 9" VERSIONS are available now however, we are waiting again on a small part for the SIG hinge.  We will ship the second we have them here.  We have been told they will be here very soon, but do not have an exact ETA.  Please email us with questions.  Our goal will be to ship asap.

Next batch of 8" currently in manufacturing, should ship within 3 weeks (aprox shipment date) 6/1/2021

The OCCAM DEFENSE RAZOR is the simplest possible brace strut solution possible.  The Razor is machined from a single billet of 6061 Aluminum.  We then tumble and coat with a MIL-SPEC Type 3 blasted hardcoat anodized finish.  The RAZOR has 4 anti-rotation QD sockets (2 left, 2 right).  The forward sling mount point is positioned far enough back that you won't grab sling when you're going for the grip, as is common when switching grip.  In order to ensure maximum strength in the hinge connection, we've gone through the extra work of installing Helicoil steel inserts up front.  Helicoils give far better strength than anodized threads alone.  We've also added a clocking detail shown in the pictures above that will make it really easy to align your TAILHOOK MOD 1 vertically (ask us why we put this on...).

The base price includes the strut-- no hinge, no TAILHOOK MOD1.  The SIG SAUER 1913 Hinge and TAILHOOK MOD 1 are available as options above.

  • Weight: 5.5 Oz.
  • Length: 7.5", 8", 9" (NOTE: For most of our customers the 8" version is the right length!)
  • Finish: MIL-SPEC TYPE 3 BLACK (matte blasted finish)
  • 4 Anti-rotate QD Sling mounts
  • Helicoil hinge mount point
  • clocking detail for precise timing of TAILHOOK MOD1 Brace
  • Made in Idaho, USA
  • ITAR Restricted- No export permitted


There is no standard in existence for sling QD Mounts.  We use the dimensions of the highest quality QDs we can find to machine our sockets.  If you're having trouble getting a QD to stick in the socket we suggest buying a replacement QD from a reputable manufacturer.  


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    Razor Strut/Customer Service

    Posted by Pedro on Apr 27th 2021

    So I received the razor strut and was immediately impressed. Fit and finish were amazing easy to operate and easy to install. I put this on a SaM7k-44 Bulgarian AK 47 pistol. The 9 inch version is a little too long so I contacted customer support and was surprised to find out they would exchange it for the 8 inch version. The whole time I was kept in the loop in regards to receiving the park exchange in the park , exchanging the park and when it shipped. An amazing experience overall! Thanks guys!