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Due to lack of availability of our favorite iron sights, we've decided to come out with our own so we can ensure a good source.  

The ODS PH-2 is inspired by the variable diopter sights common on AR style rifles. 

The front sight post on the PH-2s is stock AR-15, enabling the use of aftermarket tritium sights.  We'll be selling a couple of different sight post heights for those wishing to zero at extreme distances (either extremely close or far), but the default height should work fine for ODS-1775 users desiring to zero between 50 and 200 meters.

The rear peep has windage adjustment and 3 diopters (aperture sizes) plus a battle notch that range from CQB to 100 meters and beyond. 

A hidden feature of peep sights is that the rear aperture doubles as a pinhole camera.  This has the effect of magnifying and focusing objects at distance as if you were using a magnifier.  This is the same effect that is used by folks with poor vision when they make a tiny hole in their fist to see through.

The rear sight aperture is 0.655" from the top of the pic rail.

The peeps are 1913 / NATO compatible. They cowitness at 50% with an Aimpoint Micro (or clone) on an ARMS #31 mount.  an MRO on a Midwest Industries cantilever mount will cowitness lower 1/3 with the PH-1.

The ODS PH-2s are mainly machined by OCCAM DEFENSE in North Idaho.  The body is 6061 Aluminum with a true Mil-Spec 1913 blasted and hardcoat anodization.  The steel parts will be either nitrided or parkerized.  All parts are made in 'Merica, making this a 100% US made product!




  • 5
    A Must For Galil Ace Gen 2

    Posted by David Richter on Oct 20th 2021

    A recently picked up a Galil Ace Gen 2 556 rifle. I had two different types of AR style backup sights on it. They definitely worked, but didn't look right on the rifle. I found the Occam Defense sights through a suggestion on Reddit. They look cool, OEM and the height gives me a optimun cheek weld. These sights made my rifle perfect in my opinion.

  • 5

    Posted by Tim Jin on Oct 12th 2021

    Very high quality sights, worth every penny. Am using it in conjunction with an MRO and ADM low mount. As far as co-witness, I can see the top half of the front sight....which is still usable.

  • 5
    Front rear sites

    Posted by Lorenzo Flores on Sep 29th 2021

    These little guys are awesome well worth the money! Not only does it make your rifle look slick, it also has 4 adjustable peep sites on rear site. I will be ordering more for all my rifles that dont have fixed sites. The stickers are pretty kick ass too

  • 5

    Posted by Look no further on Sep 14th 2021

    Well built and great looking!

  • 5
    ODS PH-1

    Posted by Angel on Aug 26th 2021

    Those are some high quality useful sights, perfect for my rifle and light weight too. Good shipping service and better attention to details.

  • 5
    Solid build

    Posted by Damon on Aug 24th 2021

    Exceptional build quality and the additional FSP is a nice bonus, as is the adjustment tool. Fast shipping, the hand written note and a nice bonus made going with Occam a new go-to moving forward!

  • 5

    Posted by Charles Lackey on Jul 13th 2021

    Very good set of low iron sights.

  • 5
    Great sight.

    Posted by Justin Myers on Mar 27th 2021

    Great sights I wasn't sure I could find what I was looking for but these are perfect.

  • 5

    Posted by Nick t on Aug 4th 2020

    Very well made sights nothing exists like them on the market thank you