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Due to lack of availability of our favorite iron sights, we've decided to come out with our own so we can ensure a good source.  This is a PREORDER for the ODS Peep sights.  Parts are on order now and we expect to be shipping March 2020.

The ODS Peeps are inspired by the variable diopter sights common on AR style rifles. 

The front sight post is a miniaturized version of the AR-15 style.  We'll be selling a couple of different sight post heights for those wishing to zero at extreme distances (either extremely close or far), but the default height should work fine for ODS-1775 users desiring to zero between 50 and 200 meters.

The rear peep has windage adjustment and 4 diopters (aperture sizes) that range from CQB to 100 meters and beyond. 

A hidden feature of peep sights is that the rear aperture doubles as a pinhole camera.  This has the effect of magnifying and focusing objects at distance as if you were using a magnifier.  This is the same effect that is used by folks with poor vision when they make a tiny hole in their fist to see through.

The peeps are 1913 / NATO compatible.  They cowitness at 50% with an Aimpoint Micro (or clone) on an ARMS #31 mount.  an MRO on a Midwest Industries cantilever mount will cowitness lower 1/3 with the peeps.

The ODS PEEPs are made for us in North Idaho by our friend, machinist, and long range guru Ryan Possinger at Seven Cedars LLC.  The body is 6061 Aluminum with a true Mil-Spec 1913 blasted and hardcoat anodization.  The steel parts will be either nitrided or parkerized.  All parts are made in 'Merica, making this a 100% US made product!