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For those of us that actually train, practicing mag changes gets real old on the thumb within 5-10 minutes for most thumbs and most AKs.  We do our best to sculpt our AKM mag catches in the shop, but sheet metal can only get so smooth.  The AKM latch is also a touch on the small side, but the "enhanced" mag catches are generally WAAAAY too big, and are without exception sharp and don't feel good.  Enter the FAT BOTTOM.  The FAT BOTTOM is a 4140 billet (machined from a metal brick) enhanced mag catch with machine sculpted radii for an oh so pleasant experience when changing mags.  They're heat treated to Commie spec, then tumbled, blasted, and parkerized in house. 

The FAT BOTTOM includes a spring compressor, spare spring, and new axis rivet.  You'll need to drill the old rivet, carefully punch it out, and swage in the new part. 

There IS some tuning involved in installing a mag catch, so if you're not handy you'll want to enlist a Kalashsmith.  We'll be launching several how-to videos prior to first shipment detailing the ins-and-outs of getting the job done right.