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LIFETIME WARRANTEE ON WORKMANSHIP AND MATERIALS. There is a limited lifetime for the threads. Expect to get a bare minimum of 100 uses if threads kept properly greased.
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The OCCAM DEFENSE Mag Catch Swaging Tool makes installation of mag catch rivets a cinch.  Using a hammer or press CAN have great results, more often than not the result looks... ugggh.  Hammering also results in a knife edge that's nearly impossible to get rid of.  AKs already cut us enough- we don't need to add sharp edges!  Enter the mag catch swage tool.  Simply put, set the trigger guard assembly up, turn the screw til the slack is out of the system, and give roughly one full turn (until major resistance is felt) and you're done!

There are two tutorial videos on YouTube covering this product.  We urge you to watch them prior to using the tool:



The Mag Catch Swaging Tool is machined, anodized, and assembled in Idaho, USA.  Some of the piece parts may come from overseas.